About Her..

Who would you be if influences, standards, and pressures were powerless and obsolete? – Kezia Allen-
…Why hello there!
My name is Kézia; a girl on the pursuit of discovering and challenging her true authentic self. I am most definitely an altruistic free-spirited being that embraces everything that gives me ultimate bliss and allows me freedom to live-out my purpose – well that’s what my active and ultimate goals are. I love to think of myself as ‘created to create’. I have a unique sense for applying logic to ideas to delineate a conceptual style and design. My penchants are but are not limited to – interior design, fashion, art, travelling, health & fitness, and God.
I am a British Virgin Islander and an interior designer currently embarking on an odyssey in London to take my endeavours to the next level.  This journey  is about much much more than my career. I am taking a fresh start to focusing on myself as an unrestricted being growing spiritually in finding purpose and fulfillment. I guess you can say I’ve reach ‘that point’ in my life.
This channel was not composed to put forward yet another view point of design, fashion, and lifestyle but to aid in the support of my self growth. I ask myself… Would I be more assertive if my insecurities didn’t make me shy? Who would I have been if situations and people didn’t distort my enthusiasm? Will I be as equally confident if I detoured from the beauty standards and expectations? If I finally chose to live-out my true self without the influences, would I be okay and gratified if the world never accepts me?
Grow with me and learn more about my take on design, fashion, and life. And do keep in touch, I enjoy hearing from you!
♥ Phenomenally Her
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