Hey guys! I thought it’ll be a cool idea to blog on retail stores with interesting interiors and rave about the pros and also point out the things that I may have done differently. I visited the Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre and stumbled upon ‘Missguided’. I think I really like this store; it’s a shame I never popped in before. At first I thought the store seemed a bit below my interest because the storefront screamed TEENAGERS but then the clothing showcased said differently.

Nitin Passi founder of this amazing store, has a target market for young female fashion and it clearly shows with just one look at storefront. It speaks volumes of youthful amusement, fun, and edge. The choice of colour, shiny metallic finishes and other girly attributes are the key statement features that seem to brand this store.

Firstly I would like to say GREAT JOB to the interior designer; Dalziel & Pow. This layout illustrates much logic and space analysis with its use of elements that personalise each clothing divisions.

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The greatest things I admired about their design was the use of ceiling/lighting fixtures, flooring patterns, and wall shapes to define the transition of spaces. My favourite space was the ‘shoeniverse’ area; the gold curtain walls are perfect. The glamours playful colours makes the space enticing and its transparency allows it to still remain part of the shopping experience although it’s a completely different product display. Another small but delightful feature I enjoyed are the quotes written on the wall.

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As per the things I didn’t like; they are not at all related to the store design.

  1. There were clothing displayed on the manikins that were out of stock within the store. Why would you advertise products that you no longer have in stock at the time? Pointless? No?
  2. There were also clothes that were displayed on the manikin located on the second floor but the actual rack of products were located on the first. This made the shopping experience very aggravating having to constantly go up and down the store levels.
  3. The queue for the dressing room was only opened on the upper level. However that wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t wrapping around the store. I stood in line for 25 mins just to try my one item. It wasn’t until one frustrated shopper approach the staff about the need to open the lower rooms did they actually initiate solving that problem. Not cool!

Overall the store design aesthetics are amazing! I just wish the store managers and exhibitors would use the pros of this space to better layout their clothing. That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the next retail rave!




♥ Phenomenally Kez




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