Kathryn Hull, managing director of Teneo Rubicon (5 years) shares Instagram with Fashion tips.

“Instagram has been the most powerful tool for me so far in my career – it’s the only place that I can really curate the images in the way I want them to be seen.” – Isamaya French, make-up artist (2015) –

The mobile social world

**Stats based on 2016 review**

  • FB – 1.71B per month
  • Whatsapp – 1B per month
  • FB Messenger – 1B per month
  • Instagram – 600M per month

We are communicating with people in a different way; there is a great shift from desktop to mobile. When thinking in terms of mobile, think of video content as well. Media has grown from text to images to videos in which videos are about 80% of media  ads.

The ingredients of a successful brand campaign

“Helping brands to think and behave like publishers” – Jefferson Hack –

Dazed Media excels in social publishing. Across the group, Instagram accounts are highly curated and boast a following of over 1.2 million.

What is IG

A strong Instagram strategy has the potential to inform, inspire and shape all aspects of a modern business. Instagram Excellence = Digital Excellence

People follow things their passionate about on Instagram vs. following their family and friends on Facebook. Instagram connects people with the moments that shows what you’re about. It’s a place for:

  1. Creativity
  2. Trending topics
  3. Celebrities
  4. Discovery

Instagram x fashion

Here are a few examples of great fashion Insta pages

  1. @sincerelyjules
  2. @patmcgrathreal
  3. @jcrew

Healthy habits to practice on Instagram

  1. It’s about enagement not followers
  2. Craft a strong identity
  3. Authenticity wins
  4. Cultivate a community
  5. Collaborate with natives (People don’t have to be famous to follow)
  6. Acknowledge fans

“The same hallmarks of a great brand in the wider world are what makes a great brand on Instagram.” – Eva Chen, head of fashion partnerships at Instagram (2016) –

Instagram and Variety

“As consumers gravitate toward images over text, Instagram’s visual platform functions as a connective tissue between consumers, products and brands” – L2: Benchmarking Digital Performance (2015) –

You should ‘mix it up’. Get acquainted with Insta boomerang, Insta movie, Live streams, and stories.

The Insta Do’s

  • DO craft a strong identity
  • DO keep it clean and consistent
  • DO collaborate
  • DO continue to review

The Insta Don’ts

  • DON’T ignore your stats – remember, focus on engagement, not followers
  • DON’T let standards slip
  • DON’T underestimate how much work it is

Visit for more tips


Laura Bradley, editorial director of Dazed Media Studio and contributing editor of AnOther magazine shares insight on using Instagram for business.

Her favorite quote by David Owen, cofounder of IDEA Book (2014) said “Instagram is the internet”. David perceives Instagram as a website where images are searched, and ads are publicized, etc.

The goal is to help brands communicate like publishers, making their Instagram feel like an authentic magazine you’ll pick up.

Instagram Brilliance in 10 steps

  1. Analyse 5 brilliant accounts
  2. Define your account
  3. Housekeeping (tidiness of account, who your who ur following, etc)
  4. Instagram System
  5. It’s all about aesthetics (quality of images, etc)
  6. What’s your trade mark?
  7. Tone of Voice
  8. Timing is everything
  9. Practice Insta-ettiquette (Regrams and tags)
  10. Embrace Stories




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