Laura Bradley, editorial director of Dazed Media Studio and contributing editor of AnOther magazine shares insight on using Instagram for business.

Laura’s favorite quote by David Owen, cofounder of IDEA Book (2014) “Instagram is the internet”. David perceives Instagram as a website where images are searched, and ads are publicized, etc.

The goal is to help brands communicate like publishers, making their Instagram feel like an authentic magazine you’ll pick up.

Instagram Brilliance in 10 steps

  1. Analyse 5 brilliant accounts
  2. Define your account
  3. Housekeeping (tidiness of account, who your who ur following, etc)
  4. Instagram System
  5. It’s all about aesthetics (quality of images, etc)
  6. What’s your trade mark?
  7. Tone of Voice
  8. Timing is everything
  9. Practice Insta-ettiquette (Regrams and tags)
  10. Embrace Stories

**********INSTA RECOGNITION **********




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