DAZED 100!

Today I visited the Dazed Magazine office and met with a few of their production team. I imagined a super modern ultra chic interior design with grand glass framed images of past magazine covers. It was ‘thee’ total opposite! It was more of an industrial relaxed and casual setting with poster size images (applied with your standard glue if I may add) stuck in the circulating areas of the office space. Now that I think about it, the design channels a less stressful working experience as oppose to the serious environment of the corporate world.

There was a particular space where a rather interesting piece of art hung. It was an old storage door spray painted with the words “Gigi was here”. The story is that dazed staff turned into work only to hear that Gigi Hadid was at their office the night before. And so the search began to discover clues that this actually happened. Did Gigi really make an entrance? The proof was in big bold red located on their lower floor at the back of the office where Gigi made her earlier presence known on an old storage door. Such an exciting reveal!


As for my breaking news and excitement…!!! I was invited to attend the dazed 100 party! Woot woot!!! All thanks to A New Direction and the wonderful opportunities granted. Thanks Guys! #CreativityWorks


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