Meet Serena Wilson. Serena started one of her first jobs working at a firm called Nylon in which she left for a new opportunity. Shortly after her endeavors at her new job she got ‘sacked’ for not attending an office event that was considered highly recommended to help promote the company’s clientele and publicity. She decided that it was time to start her own organization, and so she began the pursuit of her goals. She entered into the public relations sector with her first clients from the previous job. She earned the likes of companies such as  Domino and Online Records. It wasn’t until she started doing business with the Arctic Monkeys Band that the company became more recognized. At this time she was at a youthful age of 32; vibrant and successful. Unfortunately, in 2005 things came crumbling down and the business crashed.

One casual day a friend invited Serena to a vintage festival in which she attended hesitantly. To her surprise she enjoyed it much more than she’d expected as they played soul, funk, disco and other music genres she was very keen of. At the end of the show, with a brave heart Serena approached the producers, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway. She proposed her skills and the absolute need for her expertise within their establishment. Of course they rejected her but Serena wasn’t taking no for an answer. She insisted over and over in a period of time until they finally decided to give her a shot. Serena worked with Wayne and Gerardine despite not being paid for the first year. But during that year she also worked with the London Olympic 2012 whilst still conducting full hours with Hemingway Design. Within a  year time, Serena quit her job at the Olympic and is now working full time with Hemingsway Design as their PR manager and she loves it!

Today, Hemingways Design has been standing for over 30 years with the likes of Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Coca-Cola, The National Trust, B&Q, eBay, Southbank Centre and Royal Mail, and much more. They have grown into an award-winning creative agency, which originally sprouted from a globally-acclaimed fashion brand that was founded on a market stall in Camden by two young lovebirds who had no idea what they were about to embark on.


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