It’s Sunday the 25th; the last day of London Fashion Week Festival February 2017. I woke up with such gratitude and overwhelming excitement as

the affirmations of me finally attending a fashion week showcase has finally come to life. I sat on the tube rehearsing the notes from the 3 quick hours of tutorial by photographer Mikael Eliasson. The most important thing is to have fun I reassured myself.

I am finally here, this is finally about to happen. Arriving through the forefront of the show, I thought ‘Is this the eminent photographers’ pit?’ I may have slightly over imagined a more whimsical layout. A gray dull 3 layer platform carefully marked out, facing a white room with a floor level runway and by far less seating than imagined.

I set my camera; the host is out and it’s all surreal; it’s finally show time! The music is playing the stage is dimly lit; and finally, the first model appears. Her movement illuminates the runway’s lighting as she makes her way down. Reciting  the tips for a perfect fashion shot, I began my experience; “Feet on the floor, snap button half pressed for focus, beware of hot spots, get the back view shot of the previous model whilst catching the approaching in proper form”, I loved it! As the day went on it got better, snaps from different angles, shoe shots, detail shots… it was amazing!

After 6 hours of constant shooting, I was indeed mentally exhausted and drained as I realized the life of a photographer is not as easy as it may have seemed. Having the entire platform for myself would have been even more awesome lol!

Fashion photography is indeed an great extra curriculum I would love to become more involved with. Before London Fashion Week Festival, I never thought using a professional camera or taking pics beyond selfies and daily shenanigans would be so intriguing. Photography is a really interesting lifework. I can’t say that I’ll want to pursue a career in such but I’ll definitely apply myself to learn more and become active with photography in my leisurely time.





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